The three little bunnies ( Part One. )

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The three little bunnies ( Part One. )

Post by YeYuJun » Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:10 pm

Once upon a time, there were the three little bunnies, their name were Lucy, Hanna, and Jack. They were a very close sisters,and brothers, and they never left away by each other. One day, their mother said" Children, could you bring some fresh carrots to your grandmother?" And they said" Yes,mom." So they started to go to the grandmother's home, on the way of it, Lucy saw a lot of beautiful flowers beside the road, and she said" How about bring some flowers to grandma, they are so beautiful." And by the others bunnies said " All right, but we have to quickly because we must go to the grandma's house before the darkness." When the three little rabbits all done, they kept going. At this time, they met a wolf who was very cunning. The wolf looked at these three little delicious bunnies, he said" Hey, little bunnies, where are you going?" Although Lucy, Hanna, and Jack felt so strange, they still said"Hello, Mr. Wolf, we're going to our grandma's home."

To be continued...

By Betty Ye

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Re: The three little bunnies ( Part One. )

Post by paraphraseexample » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:27 pm

Hi there,
Very interesting and fascinating story! Looking forward to reading next part. It seems to me that you've made it so easily, how did you do that? When I try to reword sentence ... paragraph/, it can be so hard and time-consuming because I don't know how to make it properly. I hope I'll do this. Anyway, your story is awesome and I want to read more:)

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