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Add your poems, essays and short stories here. Please do not post work by other writers.

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Post by janedoe » Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:47 am

Here I am, all I can think of when I wake up is what to write and as I go to sleep my mind shuts at what I’ll write tomorrow. I do it because in the midst I find myself. My imagination floats above me like the bubble of speech over a cartoon character. I like the idea that I can call up a whole slice of the world, fill it up with people and decide their fate. My strength is drawn from placing my hands on a keyboard as I write, erase and write again.
I write because I desire to be heard and because people like you exist, ones who understand that words are not entirely just words. I have a unique personal representation of my views of life that I want to share, this has since been my motivation. I believe in my writing skills, unlike other professional writers am just a newbie. What matters is the interest I have and how far am willing to go just to nature it.
Reading and sharing come with self-pleasure, anything that gets me to jot down a point is worth my time. I don't have any measure of growth. I believe in a different today than tomorrow and the least I get to do I always appreciate. It's what I love doing, It's everything at the same time it’s nothing, dependent on its own power. I would never mind spending an eternity spilling the truth behind all shadows. I do believe that there is a novel inside everyone. I write because in the future I want to tell a story, one of how I wrote why i write.
I am a lady in the streets but a soldier behind all scenes.

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