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Today I change The world

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Today I change The world

Post by janedoe » Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:38 pm

Ever since I can recollect I have been known to be very loud and cheeky, literally by everyone. You get to know me and get to define mischievous a white man would say influential. I only go in front of a mirror to meet my image where I trace a unique breed, the flaws I imagine are for the cracked mirror. I have continuously said that in my life there are those I have led to the right path and others I have led astray. That, was when I wanted the world to make so much of me, forthwith I seek to change the world.
In the past, I have called upon people to do impeccable things, not by my actions, like you may have imagined holding posters high during a strike. Speech, I had a rough idea of what people wished to hear but my drive was what I wanted to say and the impact I wanted to make. I believed in those that nodded as I talked or even better smile while they read this. I have never been afraid of anything (apart from my dad aargh!), the only one that could get me to silence. Well, life can change, now I am only afraid of God.
I appreciate where I am today it is the closest I have come to real happiness. I've been to battle with myself winning is attributable to positive thinking. I have contributed enough to noise pollution it’s time to fight the good war. So much have been said by word of mouth, but ignorance and judgment are still reaching out to the sky. I don't mind judgment cause that's for you to repent, but ignorance is hard to ignore.
So, having been noisy in the past, I don't think there is anyone that would be willing to listen. The world is bigger than you and I, hence I am going for the bigger picture. I don't want to be loud anymore. I am embracing my creativity through art and am writing for reasons only I could understand and because I still ought to be heard. I have a goal I want to connect with the world, in words full of silence.
I am a lady in the streets but a soldier behind all scenes.

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