5 Creative Writing Exercises To Get You Through Writers Block

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5 Creative Writing Exercises To Get You Through Writers Block

Post by daisyrowley » Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:05 am

Overcome Writers Block With These 5 Top Creative Ways

Writers block is the scourge of the writing world, it can stop the best writers dead in their tracks without any notice and can halt productive written words in the blink of an eye, any writer goes through it and it is annoying to say the least, but wouldn't you like to overcome this obstacle to write forever on the stuff you know about and the stories you want to write about?

Well, you have come to the right place as the bearded one will tell you 5 creative ways to overcome that barrier to writing your good stuff that invisible shield of frustrating mental block that is writers block.

First.... A good brainstorming, mind mapping hurricane

When all is lost in the world of writing, you need to get back on top of your game and nothing does it better than a good brainstorm mind map combo, I do this on a sheet of paper with my central word or phrase right in the centre of the paper and all I do is just write related words and phrases linking to the central word, so for example my main words could be article writing and so some words that I could write for that would be article research, writing good titles, article structure etc. So long as it relates to the central idea then we can knock out lots of good ideas for content to be written.

I often have those chunky ass markers for this, as you just feel really cool and important when you are brainstorming like a professor on paper.

Second...... Read something, anything and get ideas

By taking a break and reading something else, you will instantly gain new found inspiration and be able to zone in on your writers block and give it a good slap, I regularly read other peoples stories and stuff to get ideas and to form new thoughts and creative ways of tackling subject matter from a different angle, if you do this often, then you will get better at beating writers block.

Third.... Free writing

Get a pen and paper notepad and just write what you are thinking and also any thoughts that pop into your head, this way of working helps your mind wander and on a subconscious level may inspire ideas to flow more naturally than trying to force the issue of writing new content, many writers do this and half the time they get out all of the ~ and are able to honestly move on from that moment in time when they were blocked by an unknown force stopping them from writing.

Fourth.... 30 minute mad half hour

One of the best things that I personally do when I suffer from this oppressive writers block is I go and do a silly and quite freaky dance for 30 minutes, this sounds quite unusual and to people who have seen my funky dance then they may laugh but you tell then you need to have a break and just do something crazy and let your heart pound for a bit and jiggle away all that crazy mind blocking stuff that is preventing you from writing and actually getting on with it.

This will do you the world of good, other alternatives to this could standing on your head against a wall for ten minutes, or jogging on the spot for 10 minutes, whatever the thing you do, just make it randomly energetic, it seems to work for me, better than any energy drink ever would!

Fifth.... Write down your dreams

Just started doing this and found I have some great material for some stories, characters and ways to improve my life also, although you have to be good at remembering your dreams, so the best thing is to have a small notepad and pen at the side of your bed and take notes of your dreams, I frequently find that these dream scribblings and quick notes form the basis of something later on down the line, like the start of a story or a possible scene that could form the beginnings of an opening article about whatever it is that you write about.

Dreams are often weird, but they too can be inspiring and the subconscious mind can be useful for finding out what it is thinking when you wake up and start thinking with your conscious mind, they make a great double act.
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