Present perfect vs past simple

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Present perfect vs past simple

Post by Mahdizada »

Hi! Hope you doing well.
I do have a question in past simple tense page. So I red in english club tip section that: In general, if we say the past time or place of the event, we must use the Past Simple tense; we cannot use the present perfect. Following this thought what if I say: he has gone to school or I have lived in America? In here I mentioned the place are my examples correct? If they are then why?
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Re: Present perfect vs past simple

Post by darcy »

Yes, your examples are correct.
The rule about mentioning places is only correct if the place implies a particular time in the past.

For example, if an adult says:
'I played football at school.'.
the simple past is used because 'at school' refers to a known time in the past (The listener knows or assumes approximately WHEN you were at school).

But your sentence:
'I have lived in America.'
refers to an UNknown time in the past. (There's no information here about WHEN.)
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