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IELTS writing subjects

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2004 12:03 pm
by mjivoin
Hello everyone,

I'd like to start a new topic of a IELTS writing subjects.
So of enyone had been taken this test please write some writing subjects.
Thank you,


Writing subject 1

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2004 12:07 pm
by mjivoin
In many countries where capital punishment has been abolished there has been a corresponding rise in violent crime rates. For this reason, many governments are considering its reintroduction as a form of deterrent. Should Capital Punishment be re-introduced? Discuss.

My opinion on this is that in some cases it has to be re-introduced. Yes is true that we have a rise of crimes in some countries, but that not depends on the law, that depends on countries social and economical status.
By introducing the Capital Punishment there will be a dispute with the Human Rights organizations becouse they protect the human life.
I agree with that, a human life has to be protected, but in case that someone tooke someone else life the criminal in my opinion has to be punished in the same way.

I've read an article on the internet that Turkey is willing to sign the agreement with an Europian Council of Human Right to ban the Capital Punishment. Certainly I must admit that my opinion is a litle exaggerated but something has to be done to avoid those situations.

An alternative of Capital Punishment will be a life time sentence. This punisment is used in many countries like a replacement of Capital Punisment and in this way are prevented any questions of invading a human rights.

Essay 2

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2004 1:21 pm
by mjivoin
Television is a very powerful medium of influence over large populations. There are many positive aspects to television. For example, it is an educational tool. However many people feel that it is doing irreparable harm. Present argumentation to highlight your opinion on this matter.

In our days Television has very important roll for getting new information’s and also for entertainment. There are different channel’s that presents different things like news, movies, music, educational channel’s and so one. Ever since the television begun broadcasting, people found it very interesting and they accepted it very quickly.
Now we have so many channel’s that we hardly know witch one to look at. In my opinion television is a very powerful medium of influence, like an example if we have to promote some product, we can create a commercial film and we present it on television. In this way we can inform the client about a new product but if we promote this commercial film frequently the potential client will be more and more interested in buying that product. This example provides good proof of how powerful television broadcast can be.
Television can provide harm too. Movies and other documentaries that contain violence can induce certain misbehavior especially on children. In this case big role will have children’s parents that must to prevent them before they can see such material.
Some countries have a certain law for broadcasting violent or obscene material, by introducing a time frame when that material can be broadcasted.

As I’ve mentioned the television is a powerful tool for manipulating a large population or even an entire nation, so it depends if the population is guided correctly or not. There has to exist some institutes that track all the events and kip the control of the media broadcasting.

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2004 3:24 pm
by Pirate
My Toefl teacher taught me that the first thing to do when writing an essay like this is to identify clearly ur opinion : Agree or Disagree.

In ur 2 essay i don't see ur point clearly. For instance in the second essay, i think u should only write about one facet of television - positive or negative. U can see both sides of the subject but just focusing on one may make ur writing more convinced.

What do u think?

Posted: Tue Jan 27, 2004 3:47 pm
by mjivoin
Yes it is wery interesting!!!
Thank you for your advice.