He has lived in Bangkok.

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Re: He has lived in Bangkok.

Post by Tukanja » Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:29 pm

Tukanja wrote:I have lived in Bosnia for 50 years.

It's a statement which gives the fact. No any other information about.

He wrote a lot of books. He's probably dead.
He has written a lot of books till now. He still write books.

Where has he lived till now?
He has lived in Bangkok.
Now I think I shouldn't have said this in red.
There must be a context which precedes the sentence He wrote a lot of books.
I have known him.
He died two years ago.
He had written a lot of books.

I think that He wrote a lot of books is also possible in case of narrating I mean using more than one sentence.

At this moment He has written a lot of books. doesn't mean for me that he is still writing books.
I actually know nothing about whether he is still writing books or not.

It might be concluded from the sentence He has been writing a lot of books recently that he will continue writing books for some time.

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Re: He has lived in Bangkok.

Post by Aikuzo » Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:52 pm

It seems that I'm really having a "feel" on the ins and outs of perfect present now. Just like the advice that was given to me before - there's no easy way on present perfect, each of them has to be analyzed individually base on verb type, context, other words in the sentence etc.

Thanks for all your time guys! :)
Pls correct any errors you see on my writings on: nouns, tenses :)

"Practice makes perfect!" xD

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