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Post by Tukanja » Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:48 am

Dears please tell me how to fill in the table below.

1.___Cargo handling facilities_______________Fork-lift truck up to 6500kg
2.___Fuel/ Oil types_______________________Jet fuel A-1
3.___Fuelling facilities/ Capacity____________Petrol browser with capacity of 30000 L
4.___De-icing facilities_____________________De-icing vehicle capacity of 1800 US ________________________________________gallons (6813 L) Safewing MP II 1951, ________________________________________Aircraft de-icer, producer Clariant,50%
________________________________________and 100% available
5.___Hangar space for visiting aircraft_______N/A
6.___Repair facilities for visiting aircraft_____N/A

Especially I am intersted to know when capital letters should be used.

In addition please someone give me a link under which I can read more about the matter.


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Re: Tables

Post by Joe » Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:29 am

A few quick points:

You should break up numbers over 999 with commas, eg:
This does not of course apply to years, eg what I assume to be the year 1951.
Do not use full stops or periods instead of commas in English. They are reserved for indicating decimals. For example, in English 6.500 means six and a half, NOT six thousand five hundred.

You have used L (for liters or litres, I presume) but you have used kg for kilograms. You should be consistent. I suggest you use lowercase for both (l, kg). Now you may see why it's important to break up the large numbers with commas:
30000l (could be seen as 300001 - three hundred thousand and one)
30,000l (this can only be thirty thousand)
see Numbers

N/A means Not Applicable so this means you consider the question to be irrelevant in this case. This is normal usage in appropriate circumstances.

For Remarks, you would normally write None instead of NIL.

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