How do I represt the letter below?

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How do I represt the letter below?

Post by mini » Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:19 pm

I was crying to save a puppy .Animal organisation was saying let him die through away him in dust.Even he was homeless puppy therefore resuce veterinar+y doctor did not put any attention to his su+ffering.Now he is dead.
When the puppy was stuggling h+is in life no animal organisation no rescue doctor tried to save him.How long will this continue?Why human is stone hearted?

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Re: How do I represt the letter below?

Post by alawton » Thu Oct 28, 2010 5:00 pm


What a sad story! Here is how you could write that:

I was trying to save a puppy. An animal organization was telling me to let him die. This puppy had no home so the veterinarian I took him to did not give the dog a lot of attention. The puppy is now dead.

The puppy was struggling to live and no veterinarian or organization tried to save him. How long will this continue? Why are the hearts of humans so cold?

Andrew Lawton

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