Verbs and its forms.

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Verbs and its forms.

Post by togodoooom » Mon May 16, 2011 6:34 pm

Last month, when i read some article, i founded small senstence. It looks like "Some magazines are published weekly, some monthly." What kind of verb it used? Verb "published" could be as Ving form, if it's present continuous. But following have -ed form. In general, this senstence has verb "to be" in the present simple form and verb "published" as -ed form. Can you tell me about it?
Ps. I thik it's not a verb, it's a adjective, but i am not sure.

Can i say "The translated Shakespeare will not Shakespeare?".
Or I must say "The translated Shakespeare will not be Shakespare".
Or I could say "The translated Shakespeare is not Shakespeare"
What version is thrue? And what version is better to say? (What version would better to say?) and Why?
Ps. If i've gotten a mistake in this text, correct me too.
Thank you, very much :!: =)

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Re: Verbs and its forms.

Post by Joe » Thu May 19, 2011 5:05 am

Please ask one question per post.

1. This is passive. Please see:

2. Translated Shakespeare is not Shakespeare. :ok:

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