Help me for my statement of purpose

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Help me for my statement of purpose

Post by fahimaamir » Thu Aug 14, 2014 7:45 am

Hi to all
Please check my statement of purpose then i send to university

I am Muhammad Fahim Aamir , when was i study in intermediate i joined computer institute Pakistan Polytechnic center in evening and completed full first module in 1992

1. Disk Operating System ( DOS)
2. Electronic Data processing (EDP)
3. Wordstar
4. Visual Basic

after completion of computer course i joined Asian Technologies software house as trainee and too much learned the software development Data Base designing,
there i used and learned the

1.Visual Basic
2.Micro Soft SQL server
3.Oracle database
4.Oracle Form builder

In 1995 i joined SOFTSOL (Pvt) Ltd. as software engineer and developed completed software for garment factory with MS SQL server as database and Visual Basic as front end.
During this job i got too much experience in software and database designing and learn how give solution to user.

In December 1997 i joined Kay Kay Developer & Builders as software engineer and developed completed software for Builders with MS SQL server as database and Visual Basic as front end.
In Kay Kay Builders i star software from scratch and got all information from end user and note in paper and discuss with higher management
and finalize the Analyzing and start work during working i learn how satisfied to end user with system changing , they want to too much change but we can to too much change in database as per end user requirement then we give alternative to user and satisfied with system.

In January 2000 change the platform and transfer to big technology
UNIX with Oracle , i joined NATOVER LEASING as Database Administrator, that was very big change for my life, I control the Oracle base system under Unix Environment and learn too much about the oracle database and Unix operating system with our senior that was very good learning time for me i can to forget that period.

In 2000 i start my bachelor from Karachi university.

In December 2002 i start my MCS from PIMSAT university and star my new education life, i learn new languages , data structure alignment Technics, database analyzing , designing , administration , software analyzing , software management, control flow , user interaction with satisfaction and extras.

In December 2002 joined Evolutionary Group of Company that was big group six companies was working and too much computer requirement there.
Group director want to separate software but accumulative reporting,we start gathering the end user requirement and discuss with higher management and finish the analyzing and start development with my team using
MS SQL server as database and Visual Basic as front end.
within one database we fulfill 6 companies requirement with accumulative reporting and all companies have other filed work such as one is Hotel, trader & importer, manufacture and construction service provider.

In January 2005 big Change my life my i start Master in Computer Science from Iqra university, my main subject is Data Warehouse and Data Mining.
I start my study and understand with Data warehouse and what is the OLTP and OLAP, we study the business intelligence and data warehousing and learned business intelligence tools and got too much information about business intelligence and data warehousing.

My Master's thesis is on "Application of Business Intelligence in Education Institution in Pakistan"

In January 2005 i joind the Iqra University as System Analyst , i start all thing from scratch with my team and provide full ERP system with accumulative reporting with Oracle 10G and online student information system.

I Designed & Implement the Data Warehouse in Iqra University using Oracle Business Intelligence with Discoverer and Microsoft Pivot Taple, that very very useful for university management they use warehouse for decision making and future planning first they see the last 10 years result without any daily that all on screen and online and compare with last year progress then they decided for next year change policy and staff and many thing in university favor and allocate budget for department as per last review.

after completed my master i joined start Teaching in Iqra university, by teaching i gen more too much Knowledge because student ask too many question i give answer with study not without study , during study i got now topic related my field

Now my plan is i start my PhD because the research i now my hobby, i want to give new thing in data warehouse by my research.

I hope to have the chance to study at Regina University, because Regina University has a good reputation and is strong in computer science, i want to become part of your reportable university under supervision of valuable and famous professors.

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Re: Help me for my statement of purpose

Post by JuliaCaval » Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:16 am

I think this is a good statement of purpose! But it looks a little bit long. How did it go? {-:
Hi! My name is Julia! I am learning english. I love writing and I hope to write a good book one day. Here is my mba statement of purpose sample. Nice to meet you!

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