Paraphrasing Exercise

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Paraphrasing Exercise

Post by Syrius » Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:24 pm

Hello guys,

I'm practising to paraphrase sentences by my own words.
Could you please correct my mistakes (just grammer)?

Thank you so much :)

Original text:
Technology can improve the quality of life and governments need to plan carefully for the
future (Turnbull, 2015).

My paraphrasing
Technology affects everyday’s life in a positve and in a negative way. Therefore goverments have to be creative and think and act with foresight.

Original text:
The hardest language to learn is Mandarin as fluency requires memorising thousands of
characters (Johnson, 2014).

My paraphrasing
Practising Mandarin language skills permanently is indispensable to speak it fluently.

Original text:
In recent years there has been growing concern among environmentalists and some car
owners about the pollutants that cars emit into the atmosphere (Elliot, 2005).

My paraphrasing
The quantity of car emissions increase concerns of environmentalists and some car owners as well.

Original text:
The first Chinese immigrants to Australia arrived in 1848 as shepherds, land clearers and general farm hands (Irwin, 2001, p.8).

My paraphrasing
Agricultural occupation were the regularly occupation of immigrants from China to Australia in 1848.

Original text:
Brazil’s Amazon jungle is alive with millions of plant and animal species. But the jungle
shrinking. Loggers cut down trees for wood and paper (Better Lesson, 2011).

My paraphrasing
The variety of Amazons plants and animal species is threatened by loggers.



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Re: Paraphrasing Exercise

Post by LaurieLitt » Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:44 am

Hi! It's a great exercise! Where do you get text to paraphrase? Because I only see names and dates. Are they some public speakers?
❝The limits of my language are the limits of my world.❞
‒Ludwig Wittgenstein
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