the engine of my life

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the engine of my life

Post by susieq » Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:58 pm

Hi everyone!

Could you please tell me if my punctuation is correct in my English translation? I'm concerned with the semicolon, comas and with my sentences being too long. These sentences are from a new author who in her preface is thanking those who helped her with her new work.

My attempt: I would like to thank my work companions who have supported me and given me the value/integrity/dignity to present/publish my work; thanks to my family, my online friends who many times were the inspiration of my writings. In addition, I dedicate my work to the great love of my life, my children Susie Hernández y Tomás, who are my reasons to keep going in life/the engine of my life.

Thank you so much.

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Re: the engine of my life

Post by Joe » Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:25 am

publish my work; and thanks to my family, my online friends who

my children Susie, Hernández and Tomás
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