I need help with my writing

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I need help with my writing

Post by veneziadrive » Sat Mar 04, 2017 12:01 pm

Hello, I'm practicing for a language exam, and I'd like to get some help with my writings.
I made 4 this morning, I'm going to attach them, please have a look and correct my mistakes, please.

School Magazine
Secondary Schoool Article about favourite teacher

As a secondary school student at Ady Endre Secondary School it is quite a hard thing for me to choose my favourite teacher. Actually, we have plenty great ones over here whom I adore so it’s a pity to nominate only one. Although it’s hard to choose I’m not going to put it off any more. I have to tell you that Janos Sereg is the best teacher you can ever wish for. He is an old fashioned teacher, who teaches me not just one subject. He has been my teacher for 3 years. He is an experienced and talented person, who teaches Hungarian literature and grammar in the mornings and music in the afternoons. In the morning lessons he makes everything really interesting. (Poems, fiction, non-fiction. Even the hardest grammar points and XXI. century Hungarian literature can be fun if you have an excellent tutor.) I always get the feeling that I love all the topics we cover. And believe me, I’m not his only fan!
In the afternoons he gives music lessons where we have one-to-one teaching and play a musical instrument. Learning how to play the flute is not what we do. We are beyond that. His job here is to share his knowledge about the music in the XVI. century. All the composers and their pieces of music are fascinating, not to mention their style which is not easy sometimes but always bearable.
Janos Sereg is a strict teacher, but in a way where you can be completely fine with it. I will always be grateful for all what he dies and I will always remember his lessons.

Letter where I complain about a new shopping centre:

Agnes Csernatony
Liszt Ferenc u 23
1041 Budapest

March 4th, 2017.

John Smith
Mayor of Káposztásmegyer
24 Main Street
1049 Budapest

Dear Mayor,

I am writing to you as one of your citizens in Káposztásmegyer, because I have read that there might be a new superstore building with a casino and night clubs very close to where I live.
Kaposztasmegyer is a nice and peaceful part of the city with wonderful green fields, parks and we don’t have a lot through traffic now. The things I have just mentioned above are the reasons why I don’t think this superstore would be a good idea.
First of all, I believe that green fields are very important for our environment. Secondly, a superstore with 400 outlets would increase the traffic a lot in our community. Furthermore, why would anyone want to attract all the shoppers to a suburban shopping centre? It would mean the death of other shops that are already running in the centre of town. Last, but not least I would like to mention that running a casino is really a dangerous thing because of the danger of people get addicted to gambling. Not to mention that the superstore would not be able to be reached without a car anyway.
Please reconsider my ideas over yours in the town council and if it’s not possible to disregard the whole idea, at least please try to change on it by reducing the size and all the things that were planned previously.
Yours faithfully,

Agnes Csernatony


Restoring Preserving and Protecting architecturally significant buildings in my country

The importance of protecting architecturally significant buildings is crucial these days in Hungary. Walking around in the city of Budapest you are to see wonderful buildings which were built centuries ago and in my opinion it is really sad to see how time destroys them. There are places, especially in downtown where you may see the government has already paid attention to these, and delegated specialists to restore them. And this is only what we see from the outside. Churches, mansions, cathedrals have wonderful architectural things to look at from the inside, but these are at risk as well. Buildings do need to get the attention to every single building that we have, it’s just a hard thing because of all finances. When the question arises, what can you do about it? Well, you can definitely watch out for vandals in the city who think it is creative to spray graffities on walls – you might want to report these to the police to keep your city a better place. Having guards in and close to churches is another thing maybe people should consider.

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