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sick vs. patient?

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sick vs. patient?

Post by khaledwawa » Sun Mar 25, 2018 6:53 am

I have come across the following sentence:
((Medical students today -after Hippocrates- promise to treat the sick, keep patients’ secrets and teach
medicine to the next generation.))
I have looked up over the internet for the difference between (sick) and (patient), and come out with different answers.
Kindly, could you tell me which is the correct interpretation?

A "patient" is a person who is being treated for a medical problem. This meaning A person who is "sick" has a medical problem that is not merely a simple physical condition.

You can be a patient for things other than illness - a broken arm, for example, might make you a patient in the emergency room, but you're not "sick" per second.

A patient is someone who is under the care of a doctor.
A person may be nearly recovered from an illness.

Patient tends to refer to the relationship between sick people and their caregivers.
Sick is someone who is suffering from a disease.

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Re: sick vs. patient?

Post by Joe » Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:47 am

sick is an adjective meaning "ill", ie not well. It mostly refers to disease (influenza, cancer) rather than injury (small cut, broken back) but in some cases it covers everything. "Most of my staff were off sick yesterday" means that they didn't come to work because they were not physically (or indeed mentally) well - for whatever reason. The term "the sick" is a blanket term referring to all people who are not well - again, for whatever reason. The sick may or may not be under the care of a doctor or nurse or indeed anyone. They are just not well, and the degree of not wellness is not specified (unless we say "the seriously sick", "the terminally sick" etc).

A patient is a person under the care of a doctor or other caregiver.
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