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Stay Motivated And Build Confidence To Speak English Fluently

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:30 am
by shrutisharma
Undoubtedly, if you are reading this post, then it is probably all right to presume that you are not fully satisfied with your level of English and do not consider yourself fluent in it. Right?
Moreover, you already know that you have studied English at school, college, university, maybe also attended private language classes or online, as well as through self-study and your own lived experiences.
At this point, just ask yourself a question that why are you not yet fluent and what needs to change in your study plans?
As the path you are leading is no way, giving you any positive result, which assuredly means that you need to switch to some better and effective way to enhance your speaking skills. Furthermore, the key way to improve your speaking skills is by practicing your speaking skills rather than just studying grammar rules.
You need to practice your speaking skills with English speakers who can actually help you enhance your speaking skills. You can take the assistance of some English speaking app like EngVarta for the same which actually helps you connect with English speaker and practice spoken English rather than providing you free English practice stuff which is assuredly of no advantage.