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English Cover Letter

Post by bubuche » Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:54 pm

Good morning everyone, I'm a futur french international worker.
I wrote a cover letter and I would love that someone check it and tell me where are the mistakes i made on it.

Thank you very much in advance

Here it is:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Graduated in 2016 from a master’s degree in International Transport and Logistics I am currently looking for a new professional experience. Thanks to my 5 studying years in “work-study contract”, I have been able to acquire well established professional experience for my age. As soon as I learnt the basics from the supply chain, I had the luck to compare the theory with the practical knowledge.

Thanks to the confidence of my different managers, I am now skillful and able to lead big projects. In order to illustrate this, when I worked for Castorama (2nd bigger DIY company in France), I was subcontracted warehouse manager. My first task was to solve the stock issues: I had to find 20% more space to stock my products. So, I studied many different things: Products types/Space reorganization/Human impacts/Costs impact/Subcontractor management… I finally decided to change all the organization and managed to reach my objectives with a minimum impact on my costs. I think my manager was pleased of my work.

This emergency task was achieved and allowed me to fit in my new company and to be credible to my subcontractor.
My last experience as a Logistics Manager for an agricultural cooperative (XR Repro) was also a success for me. The main accomplishment that made me proud was the management part. Indeed, I arrived in a critical moment for the department. The working atmosphere was not enjoyable at all, the results were bad, and the ambition was nonexistent. It took a long time for the department to solve all the problems, but at the end of my experience, I can say that the productivity, the ambiance and the motivation of the team stepped up significantly.

My professional project is now very clear. I am looking forward to finding a job in my area of expertise anywhere in the English-speaking world. Indeed, my mains aims are, to be able to speak English fluently, because I can easily handle a conversation, but I need to train my accent which is too “frenchy” today. I am also looking for new experiences, new peoples, new cultures in order to fulfill my curiosity.
Working for you is adding a young, dynamic and realistic vision to your company. I am very motivated and available around the 1st of September.

I wish to meet you in order to discuss about my profile and anything else you want. I am available via Skype, phone or mail and I joined my CV to this mail, so you can learn more about myself and my profile.
I am looking forward to hearing from you,

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Re: English Cover Letter

Post by Joe » Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:26 pm

Too long. Miles too long. Do you really think that recruiters have time to read this? AND then read your CV?

The job of your CV is to get you an interview.

The job of your cover letter is to get your CV read.

At this rate your cover letter and CV would both go in the nearest bin.

Sorry 😐 Just the truth
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