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writing essay

Post by MichaelScott » Sat Mar 28, 2020 3:06 am

Hello everyone, I would like to know if my essay has any grammatical mistakes, or if anything could be improved :) Thanks

First of all, the hashtag "MeToo" harms the underlying cause because it gives a huge proportion to the accusation and it gathers so many people, as a "mob", which leads to an irrational madness.

Then, the career of one involved in the MeToo case could go to waste because of the hysterical talks that discredit them. People could lose their job with the accusations.

Finally, this amplification of the case by the hashtag could create enormous violent movements of anger and humiliation.

That was the first paragraph, and the following one responds to another question :

It could be difficult to fight against sexual harassment because everything told on the Internet could make the headlines. So if a person wants to reveal a case, this person takes the risk of being overmediatized which could be worse than telling nothing about his/her sexual harassment. It is the case of the woman raped by Roman Polanski who now regrets having denounced him because she suffered from the mediatization. So even as the victim, defending hisself is not always a piece of cake.
Moreover, if you want to fight against sexual harassment, you need proofs to be believed, but those are mostly difficult to get.
Ultimately, the cause of sexual harassment is often discredited by women who weren't raped but take profit of the MeToo movement to accuse innocent people to have money.

Thanks again :)

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