Holidays are a waste of time.

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Holidays Are a Waste of Time!

Post by gillian » Sun Nov 30, 2003 9:11 pm

I love holidays! We need rest to recover from all ahrd work we do.


Holidays it is a waste of time

Post by Olga » Mon Dec 01, 2003 9:44 am

No, I am not agree with this statement. There are different reasons why a person needs holiday. First of all, it is a good opportunity to change the athmosphere. The second reason is that while being on holiday you can miss somebody, with whom you were bored to death. You get new emptions, forces for a future life.


Post by Maryam » Mon Dec 01, 2003 11:58 am


of course it is not true.for me,being sick is better than working & studying.we r not robotts,we r humen we need 2 relax 2 enjoy our lifes.
add 2 this,
every one has their special holidays memories such as family gathering.......

& many things usefull can be done on holidays.

With my respects 4 all the opinions.



Post by harachi » Thu Dec 04, 2003 8:38 am

How can we say : holiday is a wast of time ?,
To me it is the happiest day in a year, it is the time when I meet my friends, chit-chat, laugh and laugh all the time, eat my favourite food and read what I am interested. I mean I do all the things.

To me I think holiday is fantastic. Be happy with your holiday w/o worrying.

Be happy.


Re: Holidays are a waste of time

Post by Lyuda » Thu Dec 18, 2003 8:08 am

dgd001 wrote:I completely agree that holidays are a waste of time :lol: When I am on holiday I still have to worry about work and then I can't relax worrying about all the things I have to do still :cry: . I think that if work was less stressful then holidays might actually be worthwhile :?
You are a bit selfish person! Now you think only about yourself! But think about children and teenagers also. Holidays are everything for them. They study hard for so long and then they have some time to rest and have fun. They are not grown up enough only to think about there problems. Remember yourself at that age and remember your waiting for holidays... :roll: :wink:


Post by fallen » Fri Dec 19, 2003 8:56 am

holidays r not waste of time..its just the time for us to relax, which is very necessary to our lives..i'd like to have as many holidays as popssible in this life...


Post by sanhong3 » Wed Dec 24, 2003 4:18 am

i don not think so.I think we can benefit a lot from the holiday.In the first place,it can help us know and understand other cultures and people.Through it,we can always keep pace with the times. In the second place,we can relax ourselves in the process of holiday. Nowadays,with the society becoming more and more competitive


holiday is waste of time

Post by mannu201 » Wed Dec 24, 2003 7:13 am

No, as per me holiday is not wasting of time becasue if you work hard for a day, for a month and for a year then you will be needed some time for taking a rest and enjoy yourself and your family.

But in some cases it is wastage of time if you go frequently on holiday then it would be waste of time along with money.

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Post by Pirate » Thu Nov 18, 2004 4:27 pm

I remember once in our English class, we played a game. We, divided into 3 groups, were given 3 same card with the same situation: a man with a business failure and then it gave 3 ways to choose. Then depend on the answer we were given the next card. And you know, all the ways didn't work except the way of going to the beach and relax, which led us to a new chance.

So sometimes, holiday gives you more than a relaxing time :D

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