Olympics: Taking part is more important than winning.

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Olympics: Taking part is more important than winning.

Post by TalkingPoint » Sat Jun 26, 2004 10:09 am

Olympics. Taking part is more important than winning.

Athletes from many different nations take part in the Olympic Games. Not everyone can win. Is it important to win? Or is it more important to participate, even if you don't win?

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take part: to participate; to be part of; to be involved
important: of great significance or value
win: to come first; to be victorious
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Post by ddai130 » Thu Jul 01, 2004 8:01 am

What is the true meaning of this game ? Just for fun ! Do we have other more convinced reasons than simply fun ? No . We don't have. So whether you coming for money . for popularity , for win or for experience . they all don't matter , Just pls have you own way to share the pleasure, whether by watching , taking part ,or by win .


Post by Guest » Tue Jul 13, 2004 1:24 am

Taking parts and winning the games are both important.
If the athletes participate in the games, they represent their countries. They bring voices of their countries to the world.
If they win the games, it will be even better because their countries will be in the record. Their national anthems will be sung. Also, people will get to know their countries more.


Post by Guest » Thu Jul 15, 2004 6:46 am

mountains wrote:I think If you can do your best performance depend on your situation and thought of Olympics. If You alway think you must win, you will not concentrate on your sports. In personal your should forget your country and the people when the match is coming. You must do your best to practice and always put your country and the people in your mind before the match.
Well, athletes who are chosen to go to the Olympics are the best ones in their country; however, entering the games and winning the games are two different things. They can enter the games because they get selected to represent their country, but winning the games is a different story. President Theodore Roosevelt used to say, "believe you can and you're half way there." If they couldn't even have the spirit of winning the games, how hard would they bring out to make them win? If they didn't have a pride that they COULD win the games, how would they win? Because other athletes were worst than them? It's just luck, it's not a believing in oneself. Humans can do something to the extreme if we do believe we can do it. We have to remember that we can do it. Otherwise, we'll just get scared when we face difficulties.

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Post by tobyboy » Sun Aug 01, 2004 11:08 am

In my opinion, if your country chooses you for representing it to attend the Olympic Games , it's definite that you are one of the top atheletes in your country .So you have the responsibility to try your best to win ,cause your compatriot are paying close attention to you . And competing with other athletes from various countries in such femous event is also a balcony to show you.As for win,I think, it's ok as long as you bring out your best .After all, there is only one champion.
There is a saying that goes "The purpose of my country sending me here is to run across the finishing line, not to listent to the starting gun." :D

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We should enjoy process more

Post by Judy2004 » Sun Aug 15, 2004 6:42 am

It is true that taking part in Olympic Game is more important than winning,which conforms to one old saying that we should pay more attention to process and enjoy it rather than results.As we know,result is the consequence of the prevous process and just a thing of one moment. Result may be good or bad,it partly depends on man and partly is out of man's control, like another chinese proverb that how to try to have things well done is up to man,but whether it succeeds or not is decided by God.In addition, result only stands for the past and does not have any significant relation with the future.Compared with result,process is the duration of operation and intense activities from which we can improve our understanding and insight,enjoy ourselves, make necessary analysises, know the nature and the world and ourselves,work out how to convert failure into success.this is the most important and wonderful experience for us.
Though I agree with this statement entirely,I still hope our chinese team win more gold medals in the ongoing 28th Olympic Game.


Re: We should enjoy process more

Post by Guest » Sun Aug 22, 2004 11:12 am

Judy2004 wrote: Result may be good or bad,it partly depends on man and partly is out of man's control, like another chinese proverb that how to try to have things well done is up to man,but whether it succeeds or not is decided by God.
If the way people think to succeed something is to belive that everything is decided by God, then I think all the years the athletes have been practicing are wasted. What's the point for them to practice in all those years when everything is set? What's the point for them to practice to be the best players in the games when everything is set? If one was not set to win the game, he/she wouldn't win it eventually because it was God's decision even though he/she was the best one in that game????? It doesn't make any sense to me. I know it's nice to believe in something; however, if one thinks God decides everything in their lives, then what is the point of living when all he/she thinks is whatever he/she does still won't make a difference since it's already set?
The amazing thing about human beings is we never tend to give up. When we fall, we'll get up and try again. We never give up our hopes and that's how I think one should live his/her life. Giving up hopes or believing that God is there somewhere to help them when they can/can't do something is just not how to live a life. People should believe in themselves. They should know what they are capable of. Also, they should believe what they can do and always try their best to do the things. If fail, they'll try again. No blaming on God or luck or anything. It's because in a game, someone must win and maybe they've practiced, but the other person has practiced more than them. So that person deserves to win.

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