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How can terrorist attacks be prevented in the future?

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Re: How can terrorist attacks be prevented in the future?

Postby dianayamazaki » Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:23 am

The best way is through education, not only science and serious stuff, but also behavior and mindset training. Through early education, children can be taught to do the right things and have compassion towards others. Most of the terrorist are antisocial, so children should be trained how to socialize with others and help each other.

The other way, which is also important, is law enforcement. In mu opinion death sentence is the fairest penalty for those terrorist who cruelly kill many innocent people just because of their fanatic wrath. This penalty will cause deterrent effect, so logically it will decrease terrorism case if implemented properly.

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Re: How can terrorist attacks be prevented in the future?

Postby asgharloo » Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:39 pm

This is a controversial topic for discuss, I believe that the thing that causes terrorists emerge in this era, have different reason. if we want to find a resolution for this problem in this world we should consider the cultural aspect of this action.
The main reason I believe that in some countries the people suffer from poverty and poverty of course it brings the ignorance .in this countries fundamental groups have potential to arise and find some pro. they deceive uneducated people and manipulate them to do this things.
So for the first we should help this people with knowledge , money and try to understand them.
To sum up I believe the whole world should try to provide better facilities and better education for these society and help them with development.

I hope I has not bother anyone.

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