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Should young criminals (under 18) be sent to prison?

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Re: Should young criminals (under 18) be sent to prison?

Post by safia » Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:50 pm

I think punishment of young criminals plays a key role in reducing crime rates.Knowing that there is a swift action against committing crimes,makes them to think carefully before engaging themselves in any unlawful act .on the other hands it is not the only solution governments should rise the awareness of youngsters through media and social services.

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Re: Should young criminals (under 18) be sent to prison?

Post by asgharloo » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:33 am

I believe the young people who commit the crime , themselves are people who has been suffer or may have been abused by their guardian .
Another reason that may have effect on the criminals related to the gens.
So they are not the only people who should be blamed for that. By considering these parameters
the society should provide a way to keep them in line.
so instead of prison we should provide correction center that they give them proper education to help them to come back to the society.

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Re: Should young criminals (under 18) be sent to prison?

Post by Elearner » Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:47 am

Juvenile justice must improve to a more sensible implantation, where nowadays crime was acted by a child or teenager. Here in our country ‘Philippines’ common crime suspect was a child. The laws here are always siding on them regardless of what heinous crime they’ve done. We know that giving them a second chance is a moral act, but if you will check the crime tally from the previous year, and compare it today- it’s shocking to know that it increases more.

I’m not saying that punishing a child like what they normally did to an older or more mature (a person who knows what they’re doing), are exactly what our government do to any crime offender regardless on their age. However, I still see some changes that our government did these past few years of the Aquino regimen. I hope that they will come up with a refurbished law that will teach these child to learn what they’ve have done.

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Re: Should young criminals (under 18) be sent to prison?

Post by claudia » Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:52 am

i think is good idea send them to prison, they have to paid the bad actions that they do,or maybe it's better to put them in rehabilitation center.
they can do social works or something like this.

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Yes, young criminals should go to prison for their crimes.

Post by hellofriend » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:26 pm

Yes, I believe the young criminals should go to the prison. At first, I don not like child, who were crime. I am 18 years now, So I know, when you were 12-16 years old. Your mind were already group enough, you can thinking by your own. If I choose be a bad person, I will do it. So lot of people said:" They are just child, they do not know that is violate the law." For that, I just want to say BULLSHIT! If your child have a crime, it is your responsibility, it's your are not teaching well. "They are just a child?" lmao. That is just excuse. If the child crime and their parents fix it for them. They will never know what is right what is wrong. "OMG you are monster!". yes, i am. If i have a child who crime or steal some thing, i will bit them like hell. I will let them know that is wrong. So, those people who said"They are just child". ~ YOU ALL!!!

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