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Re: Recession

Postby MoHaMeD » Mon Apr 02, 2012 7:01 pm

Nowadays, People buy more than what they need and as a result they eventually borrow money to be able to pay for their bills and pay checks.But the REAl question here is whether introducing credit cards to everyone was a good decision or a bad one. If you think about it, many countries went into depression because of this "issue" so should it keep going or should it stop before it reaches to an uncontrollable limit...

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Re: Recession

Postby Raghad » Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:19 pm

My opinion is that I agree that people burrow too much money these days and buy many things on credit. It seems much more easier for people to carry their credit cards in their wallets rather than having to carry their cash and coins along with them everywhere. People can also burrow money from the bank, which most of the time is really helpful for them, because if they really are needing money, out of their own, they can get it easily, and what is better is that they can return the money at any time (if their isn't a very specified time, mostly banks allow for one whole year), and they don't have to care so much about it. People buy before thinking whether it is a need or a want, before thinking if it would help them by its usage or not. They just buy whatever they want, since "we have the money, we have the time, and we have the strength" phrase is still there. But before anyone buys anything, there is something that grabbed their attention, maybe advertisement, or any other eye-catching product. You can say that customers are sometimes irresponsible for their actions and what they spend whatever they buy on! People who own credit cards have an easier life, but if any economical problem happens or occurs in the bank, they will turn their "easy" lives into "hard and depressing, full of bad luck" life, from their point of view.
But these crisis rarely occurs.
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