than him / than he...

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Sang-heui, Kim
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than him / than he...

Post by Sang-heui, Kim » Mon Oct 11, 2004 7:45 am


What's the difference between next two sentences...

1) I am taller than him.
2) I am taller than he.

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Post by googl » Mon Oct 11, 2004 7:51 am

The sentences are the same in meaning. #2 is more formal and #1 is preferred in today speech. (You may use a object pronoun and a subject pronoun after 'than' with the same effect, but an object pronoun is better)

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Post by Alan » Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:51 am

Yes, both are possible, but only #2 is avcceptable for formal/careful use.

I think it best, though, to avoid suggesting that informal usage is in any way 'better' than formal: they are simply suitable for different situations and purposes.

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