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correct the sentence

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correct the sentence

Postby hanuman_2000 » Fri Oct 15, 2004 4:36 am


I have to correct the following sentences. I am trying to correct it. Please have a look and comment.

1. I am six years old next Sunday.

I will be six years old next sunday.

here "next Sunday is clue for future tense".

2.Tomorrow will be Sunday.

I have no idea how to correct it, as "tomorrow indicate future".

3. We were having a car in those days.

We were had a car in those days.

4. He wants watching TV the whole day.

He wants to watch TV the whole day.

Why can not "watching" be used with wants. please comment.

5. He said me that his stomach was runbling.

He said to me that his stomach was runbling.
He told me that his stomach was runbling.
He said that his stomach was runbling.

Please comment on all the posible construction given above.

6.He spend her days to cook for her family.

No idea at all, how to correct it.

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Postby Alan » Sat Oct 16, 2004 5:18 am

Please repost each question separately - this is too long!

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