"Shall" with 3-rd person (sing. & pl.)

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"Shall" with 3-rd person (sing. & pl.)

Post by SARDORBEK » Sat Dec 24, 2011 6:19 am


If an applicant for scholarship has a long-term residence in the CR at the time of application,
he/she shall submit the necessary documents through the Department of Development
Co-operation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by 31 December of the previous year.

Applicants shall submit the following documentation, in two copies.

Why is "shall" used with 3-rd person singular and plural?
In which cases "shall" is used?
Could YOU explain thoroughly,please?
Thanks a lot!..

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Re: "Shall" with 3-rd person (sing. & pl.)

Post by Alan » Mon Dec 26, 2011 3:17 am

'Shall' here is simply an official way of giving instructions/expressing (typically legal) requirements.