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Can you tell if the above sentence is correct?

English grammar questions, answered by Alan

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Can you tell if the above sentence is correct?

Postby Marios » Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:53 pm


I am trying to write my CV and i need some help because my first language is not english.
I want to write in my CV the following sentence:
I attended courses in Physics at University during the academic years 2014-2017. Over the 3 academic years i attended lectures and workshops in the following courses: Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Optical Properties of Solids, etc...
Can you tell if the above sentence is correct and if is not correct to correct it?


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Re: grammar help

Postby Alan » Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:21 am

It looks fine except for the small-case "i" (an oversight, I imagine!).

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