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didn't know about

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a. He knew that we had talked to six witnesses, but he didn't know we had talked to three others as well.

b. He knew about six of the witnesses we had talked to, but he didn't know about three others.

c. We had talked to nine witnesses. He knew about six of them, but not about the three others.

Which of the above are grammatical and make sense?

I think (a) doesn't make sense. It gives the impression that we had talked to six witnesses in all, but we have actually talked to nine. I wonder if people might say things like that if they are careless though.

In (b) and (c), 'knew about' is supposed to mean having knowledge of the fact that we have talked to those people. I think that works here, although in theory he might know a lot about a witness without knowing that we have talked to them.

Many thanks.
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Re: didn't know about

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All are grammatical and make sense.

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