Do you think that US will control the world?

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Post by Guest » Wed Jun 08, 2005 6:33 am

luckygirl9 wrote:
jackfook wrote:She has a strength economy which guarantees jobs for her people.Her enthusiasm of loving science and respecting freedom encourages her people to learn from others in order to improve their life.She has strong politic influence who can affect the world.Am I right?
Apparently what you said is a fact.I've asked the same quesiton to my American teacher and he admitted that US is now very strong but it may sometime be replaced by China.I just deem that he was prasing us,at least I'm absolutely demur his idea.
Well if a country is too powerful that no one could control it,it can just keep still but not to invade others,otherwise,it will lead to boycotts.The history has showed us.
Yeah, if the Americans don't be careful, they will be replaced in the international marketing by China in another fifty years. China and Singapore are like two hidden tigers that are waiting for their turns. Quite scary for those American bussiness people.

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