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Post by real_lord » Sat Feb 12, 2005 7:27 am

You know -depriving people of their religious nature was one of the main task of communism as far as I remember. In Poland it mostly failed though I feel pain that Catholic Church that played an important part in polical battle against communistic ideas is pushed into the corner in Polish new capitalism. So called wild freedom or wild capitalism don't remember neither about Catholic Church past role ( I am trying to be merely JUST towards historical facts when I write my words here) nor about human side of anything. The same people who were trying to find a place of comfort in it during communistic epoc today turned back and spit at it. Is it wise? The same people in Catholic Church and the ones who spit today used to attend there in the past. God seems to me to be probably the only something that doesn't change and still the same in spite of progress of history. His pieces of advice are the same since the time of Moses etc. though it's really immpossible sometimes to believe in God. On the other hand in these hard moments of mine I really wonder what is left for a human being when no God at all for his/her. What is left? Some values that are very hazy for me. Though I don't know. Mr Socrates was poisoned, Mr Jesus was crucified, Mr and MRS many others also have been murdered (Mr. Juszczenko in Ukraine attempted to be poisoned). For me privately Ukraine seems to be a country of the best soils in Europe with its people still hungry because of politics. How is it possible? I know very little about Estonia.
Thanks for your letter:)
real_lord ( very good lord, indeed:))) ).

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