problems in China (apart from Micheal Jackson for a moment)

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problems in China (apart from Micheal Jackson for a moment)

Post by real_lord » Wed Jun 15, 2005 7:06 am

Two days ago I read things like
"Plenty of other countries countries are used as safe harbors by commercial pirates but China is perhaps one of the worst offenders. Chinese copycats cost the US, Europe and Japan more than 60 billion in retail sales last year, according to US Commerce Department estimates, and Chinese fakes are increasingly being exported worldwide."
What do you think about this statement? There are plenty of copycats countries around the world but China is the biggest/the most populated one or what? On the other hand Western concerns should be more serious and don't propose the same prices as they have in their countries (compare Western salaries) for the same products in poorer countries cause it is natural fakes will appear mostly. Only idiots will disagree this fact.
PS. Kisses for RedRose for words of truth about biggest terrorist in this world. On the other hand - when and where George Bush will be sued? In Florida again?
Nice day:)
real_lord, Poland:)


Post by RedRose » Wed Jun 15, 2005 1:44 pm

For the first question about pirate softwares in China:

ANSWER:Because China has the best experts of unlocking softwares. :lol:
Kisses for RedRose for words of truth about biggest terrorist in this world
thank you, but recently, I just accept the kisses from my bf. :wink:
On the other hand - when and where George Bush will be sued? In Florida again?
No. not Florida. I guess, maybe China, or Poland. wherever he wants to go. If he comes to China, I will cut his bird off, and if he gose to Poland, up to you. :lol:



Post by real_lord » Thu Jun 16, 2005 5:37 pm

Reddie - I don't need any Saddam here (imported from Iraq) while I have plenty of them in Polish version (specially in job):(
Redrose - I have problems with my knee and cannot run as fast as you. I am just unable to go into your study and inform you that next students want to punch tyres in your fast car - just out of love - you know:(
Redrose - don't drive too fast I beg you.:(
Do you belong Chinese communistic party, Redrose?
I don't want to offend you - I just wonder how life goes like in China? You have to belong a communistic party to have a comfortable life and do a career? Or you have to rather study and be professional in your further job? In Poland still the first version spreads:(. You don't have to speak any language - it is enough to speak Polish and have plenty of good uncles here and there :oops:
I don't have them :oops:
Some people say "she is your aunt" but it is still far from truth :oops:
Are you scared of court case Redrose? I mean about possibility of having a case in court. Being sued by your own pupil. Would it be painful for you? Could you lose your chair in case of defeat? Do you know any Jewish people in China? Do you have any of them there?


Post by RedRose » Thu Jun 16, 2005 10:47 pm

Lord, I don't belong to Chinese communistic party at all. yes, many Chinese people join Chinese communistic party for catching some benifits, such as promotion, free travel, nice future... frankly, that is very utilitarian. However, as you know, I am VERY stubborn. so I wouldn't like to join Chinese communistic party, I wanna live simply on my professional skills. In my college, only a few people are NOT communistic party members, and I am one of them. but some communistic members, who are bad at their specialties, often fail many examinations of promotions, therefore they can't get good salary. yes, even their communistic membership can't help them sometimes. Now I believe, what my mom told me in childhood was very true! she said:"kid, if you don't learn your lessons hard, you won't be able survive from this cruel society! you have to be skillful at your speciality!" yeah, she was right, and now I can understand why she would beat us siblings so terribly when we got a bad score of exam.

Lord, nowadays, China is kinda different than ever. Now a communistic memebership isn't so popular anymore.

and you have some problems with your students? I didn't get your words totally. I guess, they broke tyres? and then they sued you? that is unreasonable. how old are they? maybe they are too young to know how to behave well.

My students are about 17-22, they mostly behave very well. and most of them are angels! although they are naughty sometimes. for example, by next month, they will have a 1.5-month holiday, but half of them applied to work for blindman as volunteers in the coming holiday. I am really proud of them.

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