'Gospel of Judas' to be revealed

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Post by Danyet » Mon May 01, 2006 8:08 am

I think TK, that you are reading just a little too much into the teachings of Jesus here! ..... While it is certainly true that he taught that a personal relationship was needed with god and no need to go through a church, it is pretty clear that he believed and prayed to an external Creator. Your interpretation sounds a little "New Agey" to me.

My thoughts: If there is a god there also is a devil or anti-god of some kind......and if so, there is sure to be lies, deception and confusion surrounding the truth. And this is what each of us must decipher for ourselves.

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Post by tikay » Mon May 01, 2006 9:38 pm


oh...Danyet of course I tend to be rather new age....my mom and step-dad were the freakiest hippys around....how can I not be a bit new agey?

I try to be unbiased...in religious leanings. But I still have the openness to various if not ALL religious messages, that open minded way is written all over my heart.
I believe as i need too, to bring myself some happiness and grace. i integrate the teachings to suit what I think is right for me. I guess that is new age/new thought.

Paralegals should be very unbiased in order to be objective...at work, and in our daily actions, but what we do with our ethics is just to have a simple fairness program of seeing everyone as someone who deserves fairness in life, and under the protections provided by law. :wink: so being new agey is perfect for the business...actually and will help me in the long run with clients who feel comfortable with someone who appreciates their spiritual belief systems, and having studied most of the common ones, I relate to people better. (i think anyway)
I have not been interested in studying the Koran just yet, it seems too sexist and extreme for me, but one day i may do more than scan, for understanding these people who live for Allah.
I am most aligned to The Urantia Book, read in study groups all over the world.
Mom became a UB studier when I was just ten.

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