They raped her,,, murdered her with her family!!

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Post by sweethuman » Mon May 23, 2011 6:05 am

mr_Love wrote:Yea,,,, Lenny,,

becuase that happen in Iraq,,,

i want poeple to know the truth,,,,

and if my name is Mr_love dosent means that i dont show the truth to poeple,,,,

and i wrote this becuase the Victim is an Iraqi Arabic Muslim Girl,,,

and the Murder is an Amircan solder who is living there as a murder,,, not a Solder,,,

he dosnt diserved the name "US Solder".... he didnt respict other, and didnt respict US and didnt respict the clothes that he is wearing,,,,,

and about families,,, these things dont happen here in our culture,, we are
8-) Good explanation. BE HAPPY Mr-Love :-)

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