Happy Victory Day...

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Re: Happy Victory Day...

Post by wllsp » Tue May 13, 2008 2:26 pm

Tora wrote:To wllsp:

But does it make the deed of the veterans smaller or of less importance? No. You sound surprising to me.
No, it doesn't. I have just commented that you had said about not proclaming the war. It was told to me lots of times when I was a student at school and I totally believed in this word. Later having read some books I realized that putting accent on not proclaming the war propaganda of the USSR tryed to justify huge failures of the leaders of the USSR.

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Re: Happy Victory Day...

Post by sweets » Tue May 20, 2008 10:11 am

Tora wrote:To wllsp:
who ruled the country in the beginning of the war? there were several times told about the exact date of invasion by a very famous spy Richard Zorge. But it was left without notice and we all know what it was a time.
Secondly, yes, I told here 2 years ago not only about the mine fields but about the defense system on the border. Ones were demolished before they were replaced by the new ones.

But does it make the deed of the veterans smaller or of less importance? No. You sound surprising to me.

To sweets: thank you for congratulating as you're the only non-Russian speaking person on this forum who was able to pay homage.

To Cypress: Happy belated birthday! You're a very kind and sweet person here! Happy victory day to you too!

I have already asked about changing the week in history. Am I the only one who consider this as not whole information - to read this and it seems like the nazi was defeated by allied forces of USA and UK? Poppycock!

well Tora
victory is victory whther u belong it or not it's must be celebrate cuz. if this victory was not happen only ALLAH knows what's going to be happened
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