New Year’s Bomb Explodes in Egypt

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New Year’s Bomb Explodes in Egypt

Post by Joe » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:55 pm

dateline: 03 January 2011 ~ New Year’s Bomb Explodes in Egypt

See the above for audio story, text and words.

Discussion Question: President Mubarak stated that “terrorism does not distinguish between Copt and Muslim.” Do you agree with his statement? Why or why not?

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Re: New Year’s Bomb Explodes in Egypt

Post by Vega » Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:18 pm

Josef wrote:Discussion Question: President Mubarak stated that “terrorism does not distinguish between Copt and Muslim.” Do you agree with his statement? Why or why not?
Religious terrorists use violence to which, in their opinion, identified the Lord. In this case, the objects of their attacks are blurred both geographically and ethnically, and socially. So they want to achieve immediate and dramatic changes, often on a global level.

Religious terrorists do not belong only to a small cult, but also to the dissemination of religious denominations. This type of terrorism is developing much more dynamically others. Thus, in the middle of 90-ies of the 56 known terrorist organizations, almost half stated on religious grounds.

Since the "religious people" are not concerned about restoration of rights to a particular territory or carrying out any political principles, the scope of their attacks are often much greater than that of "nationalists" or ideological extremists. Their enemies - everyone who is not a member of their religious sect or denomination.

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Re: New Year’s Bomb Explodes in Egypt

Post by Hyacinth » Tue Jan 04, 2011 8:15 pm

Discussion Question: President Mubarak stated that “terrorism does not distinguish between Copt and Muslim.” Do you agree with his statement? Why or why not?
i will say my opinion frankly, and i don't care if any will admire or abhore my thoughts and belief.

Yes, i do agree with him. because the real source of terrorism comes from a so called elected person who has been in leadership in a republic country for almost 30 years and his presidentship is hierarchic regardless if his nation accepts his son or not.
and i bet i will die and he is still ruling the country

i'm kuwaiti and we have many churchs and christians live with us and practise their religion ritual freely and safely. no bombs, no threats.. nothing like that. they celebrate the chrismas and enjoy their time. we have an official new year holiday every year.

this sad event is another silly arabic drama to fill the new year budget with others countries donations.
it's the same as what the syrian authorities did few years ago by bombing its people and blame alqa'eda to draw the world attention from the al hariri murder.
the same as for libya.
no problem with human sacrifices as long it guarantees the stability of a long term luxurious leadership.

i got sick from our media news, i deleted all the news channels.
the terrorism will continue in arab countries as long arabs don't dare to change their leaders who force their people to emigrate or live in utter poverty although those leaders and their families - also their dogs - are about to get drowned in oceans of wealth.

i think there's no connection between islam and this event. it's just a new kind of solicitation.
wait few days and you'll see countries donate to help!! mubarak in fighting terrorism!!

if we assume it's really based on religious reasons put in mind that:
the egyptien leadership stratifies its people according to religion. they give wealth to christians while most muslims suffer all the day, to create tension and ensure the unstopping supply from the european countries. it's not the christians' problem, it's the tyrant presidentship's problem. unlike lebanon, in general, you'll find a wealthy muslim and a wealthy christian, a poor muslim and a poor christian.

some people may not agree with me or can't understand my point.
but really i'm used to watch these things repeatedly, i'm not surprised.

the real riligious terrorism happened in saudi arabia, when high class, brain washed guys killed many saudis and non saudis in suicidal bombings.

i'm sorry for my long reply, but really i got sick from those so called elected presidents who mince anyone thinks to protest against them, and continuing stealing people's wealth and lives under various religious, political, social and even for boring reasons.

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