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Libraries all around the world

Talk about books and writers here.

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Libraries all around the world

Post by tobielolness » Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:33 am

Hi everybody,

I really love going to libraries, even more than bookshops. That's why whenever I travel, I try to visit a public/university library in that city. Every library has really different characteristics. For example, nearly four years ago, when I went to Skopje, there was a university library. Sorry that I don't remember the name of the university (İt maybe Kiril). This library was really relaxing and full of sunlight. But I think there was no computer system for indexing books. There were still cards in small drawers which are sorted by surnames of authors. Maybe they also have computer system and it's my fault not to recognize it. But I saw the cards and that made me happy. I remembered the public library in my hometown, in Turkey. I was going there whe I was at high school. Yes, I am a nostalgia lover.

And for these days, I live in netherlands. There is a public library in a city called Amstelveen. It's also interesting. Because it's situated upstairs of a bookshop in a mall. In the library there is a coffee/tea machine, you can drink while you read your book or magazine. You can also speak loudly because there is a saloon for silencelovers. And the last thing that made me surprised was seeing a dog in the library. Yes, you can get in the library with your dog =)

Question: I can't go all of the libraries around the world:) So, tell us about libraries around you, what are the bad features of them, what do you like about them? How do you feel in these places? Is it cheap to be a member? Did you meet anyone there? Are the workers happy to work there? Can you eat or drink inside? Are dogs allowed? :) Does the system let you find the books easily? How often do you go there and how long do you stay? Bla bla bla... Tell me about your favourite library.. Forget about the word 'favourite': Whatever you want to talk about the topic 'library', I would like to listen....

P.S.: Unfortunately, I may have terrible mistakes with my grammer. If you notice any of them, please don't hesitate to warn me.

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