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If I liked this..what would you suggest?

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If I liked this..what would you suggest?

Post by cordova » Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:37 am

Sometimes I really enjoy a book by an author, and often a not very prolific author, and wonder what else I could read that would appeal in the same way so I thought I would start a thread to that effect, I can't remember seeing another like it but mods feel free to remove if so..

For example a while ago Diane said how much she liked Diane Chamberlain's books so I recommended Kristin Hannah to her which she really enjoyed.. job done!

So I will start off by saying how much I enjoyed Ken Grimwood's 'Replay', not a book I would have ever tried if it wasn't for Steve and Janet singing it's praises.. so I'm wondering what else might appeal if I liked that book????

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