What kind of movies do you like?

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What kind of movies do you like?

Post by HuichiYang » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:13 pm

In the world movies type are so much like Action/ Fantasy / Romance /Horror/Sci-Fi movie.
In this type of movies I often to see is fantasy this type.
I like this type maybe reason is this thing are not real and will be let me to illusion if this story is a true story will be like.
But everyone know the Vampires / Werewolf / Magic ...are not in the world but i really like this type movies!

《Twilight》and《Harry Potter》are my favorite , i know somebody didn't think this is a good movie even not a good novel .
But ......i really like Vampires type movies and Magic movies.

Whether Someone like me also like Vampires or Magic movies? Or You can tell me what kind of movies you like?

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