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How to share music on the Internet

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How to share music on the Internet

Postby frengo » Sun Jan 16, 2005 5:08 pm

If you want to share with us some music, you must place the files on a server. That server must be reachable on the Internet. If you have a personal Internet account, probably you have also a personal Web space where to put files. Ask your Internet Provider for details...
Once you have put the files on server, do the following operations:

- On the page where you can see the files list, right-click one file and select the "Properties" command.

- Inside the Properties box, you will see a text string beginning with "http://.......". This is the reference you need to let us reach that file. You must select the string with your mouse, then use CRTL-C on the keyboard to select the text.

- Now go to this forum and open a new topic. Click on the URL button (it's in the upper right corner, under the topic subject). A strange text will appear: [URL]. After that text, you must place the reference to your file (you have copied it into memory with CRTL-C): do so by hitting CRTL-V on the keyboard. Again, Click on the URL button: the final result should be a row of text like the following (actually it is a sample image on MY Web space...).
Try it by clicking with your mouse!

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Postby phumita » Mon Jan 17, 2005 5:56 am

How nice you are! Thank you. I will try. ;)

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