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House MD or Scribs

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Re: House MD or Scribs

Postby Serg » Mon Oct 05, 2009 9:38 pm

I didn't hear about House MD at first. But some times ago my friend said me that he adores House MD. And I decided try to watch. The first couple of series I examined it. Then it took my mind and I like it very much now. I've got last 2 series and I'll watch it.

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Re: House MD or Scribs

Postby Masha » Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:10 pm

Scrubs is hilarious!!! I get a boost of positive emotions when I watch it, it's cool. By the way, in my country this serial is dubbed into Russian, and its name differs from the original: here it's called "Clinic". So few people will recognize in the name "Scrubs" their favourite serial;) {-;

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