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I like English songs to much.

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I like English songs to much.

Postby LINGUIFANG » Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:50 am

Hello, everybody. I am come from Taiwan.
Although I am a Taiwanese I like foreign music.
As headline I like English songs to much.
I learning English from songs.
I like romantic music.
Because the music temple is so slowy sound very comfortable.
I want to introduce a super star of Taiwan.
His Chinese name is Luo ambition Xiang , English name is Show.
He makes to smile to also have much of artistic talent very much.
I am crazy about him !!!
By the way , I want introducing one similar have much of the band of artistic talent.
Their bands name is called Mayday.
Their songs give me many direction.
I want to introduce good Taiwanese music and the entertainer to you understanding.
Can I ask you to also recommend well-known singer and music in your nation, please?

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Re: I like English songs to much.

Postby charlin » Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:52 pm

Hello Ling,,
My name is charline
I'm indonesian
i like to listen english songs too..
especially in jazz genre,,
i love so much "michael buble"
some of his songs represents my feeling..
you know "Home" and "Lost" songs..
they are good songs,,
and michael has issued a new song titled "haven't met you yet"
i like the backgrounds of the music video,,
you should watch it..
i recommend for you^^
if you wanna know about indonesia songs..
you should listen "astaga by ruth sahanaya, keliru by ruth sahanaya"
you can listen by youtube

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