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My favorite serie

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:57 pm
by evropl
Now I am going to talk about my favorite serie that it’s vampire diaries. I start to see this serie in summer because my brother recommended it to me. First I thing I would not like but when I saw the first chapter I got addicted.

The serie is about a two vampire brothers that come to the city in which they have lots of past memories. In there they meet a girl that will change their lives but they will also bring to her and to all the city big problems and consequences that they will have to solve. The serie have 8 seasons.

Now I am in the 5th season. The serie is American; I sometimes see the serie in original version (English) to get better my English. The serie have action, love, adventure, great characters (Dymon Salvatore), a little of horror and passion…

I recommend you the serie because is great!