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taiwan Pearl milk tea

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taiwan Pearl milk tea

Post by Liyaju » Sat Oct 31, 2015 6:56 am

hallo I'm a ian I like taiwan Pearl milk tea
Pearl milk tea (Pearl milk tea) referred to Jane milk, also known as pink round tea (Tapioca (ball) tea), "Boba milk tea" (B (P) oba milk tea), is an invention in the 1980s and widely spread in Taiwan the tea beverage for bubble tea (Bubble tea), pearl tea culture in one, the "pink circle" ("pearl", Tapioca ball) was added in mellow tea, there are also "pearl red (green) tea "," pearl milk green (tea) "and other variants, since the taste is special, so welcome and echoed by the majority, has become one of Taiwan's most representative beverage snacks, over the years, it has been popular from Taiwan to East Asia, Europe, the United States and even the Middle East and other places. {-: {-:

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