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Do you eat sugarcanes?

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:07 am
by SitangCampus
Tropical areas are the places where tropical fruits are grown, so in most of the English speaking countries like the Uk and the Us, they do not have the chance or habit to eat water melons or sugar canes as we do. Water melons are nice in summer, but European and American people eat them cut into small size and put in a tray or dish, we Asians eat them with rinds or peels on, spitting out seeds from time to time, that is a pleasure.

British people may enjoy sugarcanes since they have many colonies in Carriebean area and India, Burma, Malaysia, where sugarcanes are available, but they do not eat them like we do, gnawing the stick between our upper and lower teeth. Those back home like under the quill of Jane Austen may not have had any idea of what sugarcane had been, I am afraid.

Re: Do you eat sugarcanes?

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:29 am
by Firefox
I think most Brits are like Jane Austen and myself: we almost never eat sugarcane, just sugar.

Can't speak for Americans :roll:

Re: Do you eat sugarcanes?

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:49 pm
by Mrdaudiqbal
I have eaten sugarcanes specially when i go to the village