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City Of Entertainment

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City Of Entertainment

Post by Janisev » Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:55 am

The famous strip of Las Vegas is only just over four miles long, however, it can be quite difficult to get around due to heavy traffic, weather factors such as the humidity, and just the fact that the locations in Vegas, themselves, such as the hotels are so big in scale, it can be exhausting to walk by foot.
There are a number of modes of transportation to make traveling easier around the ‘City Of Entertainment’.
Perhaps the most slowest, first of all, is ‘The Deuce’. It is a double decker bus that runs the course of the strip, and beyond, twenty four hours a day, every day!
It does stop at many locations on the strip so getting to your location can be time consuming if you are in a rush. Taking ‘The Deuce’ is only recommended if you want to get around cheaply but do not mind taking some time getting to wherever you want to go.
If a wheelchair passenger boards then it can take some time to start the journey, as the driver needs to strap in the passenger and make sure that he or she is going to be safe.
Tickets cost seven dollars for a twenty four hour pass and fifteen dollars for a three day one.
If you pick up the ‘The Deuce’ from the South end of the strip where the MGM Grand is roughly located, and you want to go to Freemont Street, located off the strip, then it may take around forty five minutes to get there.
It may be cheap but it does have it’s downside!
The fastest way to get to your location is taking a taxi.
These can be picked up at any major hotel on the strip at the front enrtance.
Heavy traffic can still cause problems, but it is much faster then taking ‘The Deuce’. From McCarran Airport to the MGM Grand, the fare will cost roughly eleven dollars and then there is the tip on top.
The rough distance between the airport and the MGM is approximately one or two miles.
If the monorail had stopped at every hotel, it would have got my pick as the fastest method of transportation, however, it only stops at particular hotels, setting the odds against you in regards to which hotel it will stop at that you want to go to.
If you wanted to go to Caesars Palace, as an example, the nearest stop is Imperial Palace, yet, it can take an additional thirty minutes to find your way out of the station, the hotel and then making your way over to Caesars.
Even though the monorail completes most of your journey, it can still require quite a big effort on your part to get where you want to go. Still, it can offer better value for money than taxis.
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