The Great Wall of China

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Post by RedRose » Fri Oct 01, 2004 6:17 am

I will keep trying, dear bear!


Post by _Arale_ » Sat Oct 02, 2004 2:36 pm

As I know Great Wall was built by The King " Tan Thuy Hoang" (sorry I forget how to spell his name in English :( ). So many people died when this wonder was constructed.Wherever I think of Great Wall , I think of people who sacrificed for the world too ! :cry:


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Post by Dixie » Sat Oct 02, 2004 2:42 pm

Yes, Arale, you're right. And not only with the Wall, it happened with everything... take the Gizeh Pyramids, for example. I think those were built by slaves.

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Post by vincent_thyme » Sun Dec 05, 2004 7:47 am

I havn't go to the Great Wall, but i have been dreaming of it.
The great wall was first built by the king of Qin Dynasty.In the defence of his borders,to avoided outer invader-Hsiung-nu. And it was rebuilt by the king of Ming dynasty(attention:not Big YAO of china in NBA,hehe...). The great wall(Qin Dynasty) from western China, Lin Tao to the eastern,Liao Dong. And The Great Wall(Ming dynasty) from western JiaYuGuan to the eastern Yalu(near north Korea).It is wriggled over 6000 kilometres. its extent can make a circuit of earth.and it is very very very magnificent.Absolutely, beyond compare with pyramid of Egypt.
Hoping all of you can visit the Great Wall.

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Re: The Great Wall of China

Post by lucy_liu » Thu Dec 16, 2004 6:10 am

Dixie wrote:I saw someone was talking about the Great Wall on the General Discussion forum, and I was wondering if any Chinese members (above all Redrose) or anyone who has visited it could tell us about it. Have you ever seen it? What's it like? I've just seen it on movies. I've just walked on a fake one in a theme park near my town. I really think the Great Wall is a work of art! How long is it? :roll:
I'm a new coming from Beijing. As everone knows, the great wall is the famous place in China, which accepts thousands and hundreds tourists from all over the world every year. Before my description, there is someting to be clarified first: there is not only one great wall in China. In ancientry, the great wall was built as martial barrier to prevent the aggression of enemy from north. Now, there are two existent the great walls in China, one was built in Qin Dynasty, the oldest one, and the other was built in Ming Dynasty, which is located in the north outskirt of Beijing now.

The great wall built in Ming Dynasty is the one mentioned and visited by pepole always around Beijing for its good integrality and grandness. However, do you know it is only a part of whole wall? I don't know the exact meters of the great wall, but it begins from the seaside in the east of China and ends to the desert in the west of China. I think you can imagine its length when you know how broad the Chinese territory is.

I have been there for many times. some of time is the travel myown, the most of time I went there as an accompanier with the friends. Besides the grandness, the height of each step of the great wall was impressed on me deeply. The height of some steps is almost reach your knee! How can you believe it is really tired after claiming it step by step, but how exciting and proud you are when you find all beautiful views are front of your sight and they are can be touched almost once you reach.

So it is a wonderful thing undoubtedly if you have some chance to visit it personally.

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