I won't forget the trip..

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I won't forget the trip..

Post by Jeannie » Mon Dec 03, 2007 8:16 am

This summer we graduated, my classmates and I went to Green Island to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful beach.
The first day we got up at 5 a.m to catch the train, it was really tired but felt exciting. Then we took a boat to the island.
My classmates were so excited, so they went to the deck and saw the greatest Pacific. After watching the fascinating scenery, they threw out because the boat couldn't stop shaking. :lol:
When we got there, we rented seven scooters for the three days trip.
The second day we went diving. It was really fun because we saw many different fishes and colorful coral reef.
When night came, the inn hostess invited us to go BBQ. We had lots fun in the BBQ. There provided karaoke, one of my classmates sang very well with that. Everybody in there clapped for him, and shouted bravo. :D
Then we went to a small adventure riding scooters aroung the island near midnight, but our destination were going to a hot spring. We soaked in the hot spring, and enjoyed watching the sky. There were many stars in the sky, and we saw about eight shooting stars.
It was near four in the morning, so we decided to go back to take a rest.
The third day we went shopping in that the only one street. :D
We bought some souvenirs and ate lunch, then prepared to go back home.
It was the happiest thing in this summer because classmates gathered together again, and really had lots fun.
We all looked forward to the next trip.
I belive we will have a wonderful trip again. 8)

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Post by sanjadz » Sat Dec 08, 2007 12:26 am

It's good to hear that you enjoyed the trip and had a great time.From what I've read, it's clear that the trip was exciting and unforgettable. :D

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