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Which do you like better,dogs or cats??

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Postby Shazzam » Sun Dec 11, 2005 9:32 pm

I like both, but I prefer dogs. I think they are better companions because you can do more with them, like go to the beach, drives in the car etc.

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Postby CityYoung » Fri Dec 23, 2005 10:11 pm

Of course cat is better :D I dislike dog 8)

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Postby Tungono » Tue Dec 27, 2005 5:06 pm

I agree with you Dixie. I love dogs but not cat. I hate them. Dog is friendly. Playing with them is exited. What about the cat? They are too cold. And slow. I fear them :?

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Postby bluestar » Sat Jan 07, 2006 2:36 pm

certainly dogs!because they are very nice friendly and clever.I like them very much but i'm not allowed to live with one of them.(my favourite kind of dog is golden retriever)


Postby Admiral » Sat Jan 07, 2006 6:40 pm

I don't know, cats are like girls, they are so rude, destructive and wild.

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Postby Rui » Sat Jan 07, 2006 8:41 pm

i like both, although i don't wanna have neither, i don't have time to handle with animals at home, i can't find time to myself, so how can i have a pet... but due to these reasons i would choose a cat, because as i heard here they don't need us to much :wink:

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Postby Eon » Sun Jan 08, 2006 8:02 am

I prefer dogs, and if I have a chance to raise one of them I'll choose a dog. But I also like cats. They are difficult to be familiar with, but when you become familiar with them once, cats are really affectionate!
Maybe it is out of point of this discussion, but if I have more choice, I prefer parrots because I keep a parrot in my home. She makes so many troubles with her beak, but I forget everything about her mischieves when she follows me looking at me with her head tilting. :lol:

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Postby metaltoy » Tue Jan 10, 2006 5:50 pm

I prefer cats.
When I was a child I had cats several times.
They were very cute.
Although they sometimes scratched me,I didn't mind.
I can't keep any animals currently because I'm allergic to house dust. :(

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