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What was your most enjoyable dream?And Your worst nightmare?

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Postby illusion » Mon Jan 23, 2006 6:12 pm

Dixie wrote:
illusion wrote:yesterday I had another weird dream. I dreamt I was at a seaside resort once again and I was walking down the shore and looking at the sea. It was really wonderfull but suddenly I saw a group of weird people standing behind me. I turned around and saw a black-haired woman with a really frightening face and she was dressed up all in black and she looked kind of like from The Addams family...and next to her there was a young black-haired girl with the same really horryfying impression on her face and she was sitting on a wheel chair. They were really scary and next to them there were another women with girls all sitting in wheel chairs and next to them I could see a bunch of men with no faces...And I had to walk past them and as I was walking they all were staring at me. I felt really frightened! And then I woke up...

What movie did you watch before going to bed? :?

I didn't watch anything at all! All I was doing before going to bed was chatting online with my friends...but the thing is that I always dream about the sea. In every dream I can see it...

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