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Postby MissLT » Thu Mar 15, 2007 5:15 am

Hardi wrote:No I haven't seen that guy, but that's not because I haven't had spectacles. It's because I just haven't seen him.. though he's surely a shorty one.. and then I really would need spectacles to see him.. but what I was actually want to say you, is that he need to visit the doctor to check his eyes.. to be saved.

Although it's true, I'm still a bit offended. Nothing is wrong with a guy being short since I'm short myself. We'll be a cute match. Besides, I love short and/or chubby guys. They're so huggable like teddy bears. :twisted:

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Postby MissLT » Thu Mar 15, 2007 6:04 am

caronte wrote:- first, the vietnamese goverment did a lot of mystakes but no one moved a finger to help it,on the contrary;

He was among many others who did speak out their opinions about how Vietnam should be changed and what happened to him? ... 0%E1%BB%99

caronte wrote:-second,this country in past years developed in a impressive manner,for example,the best stock exchange in the world (in terms of performance)was the vietnamese one in 2006.

The ward ended in 1975, and the growth of Vietnam started in 2005. It took them 30 years to brainwash the new generations. They've wasted 30 years before starting to speed up. Well, at least they've actually started it. For instance, more people have money to travel oversea now, unlike before (my great-great-grandaunt wanted to go to the States, but they don't allow because she's 97 years old. She's pretty crushed. She wants to visit America before she dies)

With Internet and easy traveling, this is why there are Vietnamese girls who don't mind arranged marriages wanted to get the heck outta Vietnam. If Vietnam was like Singapore, Thailand, or Hong Kong, I don't think there would have been that many Vietnamese girls who got married for money. And this is exactly my point. The war has been long gone for 30 years plus, why can't Vietnam be like those countries? Or at least almost be near like those?

caronte wrote:Finally, the answer about welfare confirms my opinion: it is incredible that the richest world's country could have 40 millions of poors at a lot of problems with basic healtcare,my God we are in America, not in dustbin country like Viet Nam.
God bless you

The poverty rate in the United States is one of the highest among the post-industrialized developed world.[4] It is, however, important to note that America's poor most commonly have adequate food, clothing and shelter. ... ted_States

You don't know how poor a Vietnamese person could get compared to Americans.

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Postby vince90 » Thu Mar 15, 2007 4:29 pm

I know how poor American and poor Vietnamese worry in daily basic. Poor American worry how they can get money to buy a new car, a nice house, a family vacation and sending kids to good college. On the other hand, poor Vietnamese just worry how to get money to feed themselves. I’ve been there and done that

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asian and western

Postby caronte » Thu Mar 15, 2007 6:59 pm

I would not repeate the same topics and boring you,but I would like to point out two substantial issues.
Regarding last message we can say it is likely banal comparing the meaningful of"poor" in US and in Viet Nam, we do not need to go there to know there are differencies. But all of us know US are the most powerful wordl's country and Viet Nam,by contrast,the asia's dustbin.Given that we have to historicize our research and not stopping in our personal and superficial wiew. Lennye write about her personal experience,now she's well and no matter for the rest. I respect all your wiew but one person sometimes has to be neutral
and make an effort to understand the real situation.
US are like a caterpillar,no obstacles and no reasons for the others,you are with them or against them.This muscled politics is not the best in a world more and more complcated and uncertain.
Besides, the social politicy of US is wrong,in my opnion 40 millions of poors and millions of homeless ,
data provided by OECD not by me, and,I repeat is not matter of college here, are unacceptable among so much national wealth.
Viet Nam after his "star wars", started from nothing, and now is developing at the pace of 10 per cent per year,not so bad after centuries of slavery.
And finally it conquested the more important issue : international dignity.
That is important when other countries are able to win wars only at the movies.
thank you.

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Postby sweethuman » Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:24 am

You can blame your own government and people for that kind of action

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